XTERRA Worlds Athlete Profile: Scott Skelton

Where do you live?
I live in Ellensburg, WA.
Have you raced at the  XTERRA World Championship before?
I have raced in Maui twice before : 2016, 2018.
What aspect of the XTERRA World Championship are you most excited or least excited about?
I’m least excited about racing if it’s muddy again like both years I’ve raced before. I would like to try the course when it’s a tad drier. I’m most looking forward to racing this year as this is the first I’ve had a coach. It has forced me to focus in on things like interval training and other areas I would tend to not complete as diligently in the past.
What are your expectations or hopes for your race at Worlds?
My expectations are to race fit and strong, and test my ability the best I can!
Please share one of your favorite memories or stories about XTERRA.
One of my most memorable experiences at World’s was in 2016 and having my bike wheels so bogged down they would not turn. I had never experienced this before and it was so frustrating, I contemplated quitting. Fast forward to 2018 – I bought skinnier tire.
So you like to ride your bike, are there other childish habits do you have yet to grow out of?
Quirky habits? I watch SpongeBob in the morning while I cook my family breakfast.  It’s my go-to show when I’m relaxing or after a long shift at work. I don’t have to think – so it’s perfect:)
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