XTERRA Worlds Athlete Profile: Ray Makela


Name: Ray Makela

Division: 55-59


Where do you live?

Redmond, Washington just outside of Seattle


Have you raced at the  XTERRA World Championship before?

No, first time.


What aspect of the XTERRA World Championship are you most excited or least excited about?

Most excited about racing with exceptional athletes from around the world. Least excited about the possibility of a hike a bike mud-fest.


What are your expectations or hopes for your race at Worlds?

Have fun, race smart and finish strong. 


Please share one of your favorite memories or stories about XTERRA.

I loved racing Xterra Wild Rockies in McCall, Idaho this year.  The venue is beautiful, the course is fun and a little challenging, and the people are great. 


So you like to ride your bike, are there other childish habits do you have yet to grow out of?

I swam and ran cross country in high-school and it’s been fun to come back to those disciplines years later.  Swimming in open water and running on trails are two of my happy places.


Anything else you would like to add?

Looking forward to connecting with other Middaugh athletes and international competitors in Maui.

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