XTERRA Worlds Athlete Profile: Jordan WINar


Name: Jordan WINar

Division: Dad’s Division and one of the younger 35-39 Age-Groupers (still 34 until October 18th)

Where do you live? Just outside of Austin, Texas (Spicewood, TX)

Have you raced at the XTERRA World Chamionship before? Only once back in 2017, my
Cinderella rookie season.

What aspect of the XTERRA World Chamionship are you most excited or least excited about?
Most excited for the finish line. It’s the culmination of a work of art that's always in progress,
never finished, and perfectly beautiful through my eyes as I lock eyes with my wife and smile,
hear my kids cheering me on to finish strong no matter my time, and inspiring my family/friends
near and far with a belief that they can achieve anything that they put their mind to.
I am also very excited for the Halloween party.

What are your expectations or hopes for your race at Worlds?
I have three goals that are related to my performance for this race and will use it as a
benchmark moving forward. One is an overall goal, a place and percentage of overall finishers
to finish it in.

Please share one of your favorite memories or stories about XTERRA.
The memories are priceless and I hope others take the chance to try XTERRA or stick with it
one more year.

It’s hard to name just one memory which could be doing a race with one of my best friends,
racing with a brother in law, traveling with friends to different venues, my dad randomly showing
up to watch me race, my kids wanting to do an XTERRA triathlon or meeting new friends all
over the World.

The year 2017 was pretty special when I qualified for Worlds. The rules were different and I
used them to my advantage and because of them and the motivation that year I have stuck with
it and continue to see, feel and believe there is more to accomplish!

Do you like wearing spandex, or is it just a necessary evil?
I own a lot of speedos and wear them more than traditional swimming shorts even at friends
pools. My kids are too young to be embarrassed yet but I always get an eye roll or a full look up
and down from the parents.

Admittedly, as a kid I grew up swimming and the only bathing suit I owned was a speedo until
about the age of 12. I just didn’t know any different. My favorite is my leopard print which I will
sport around DT Fleming beach this year.

Best Advice from during my XTERRA tenure:
It’s not from an XTERRA athlete it was from the motivational guru Tony Robbins. He said
speed up the process of improvement by following the actions of experience. It’s the reason I
believe everyone should have a coach in every aspect of their life. Mental, triathlon, business,
finance, relationship.

Best book I read this year:
The Boys In The Boats by Daniel James Brown


Fun fact:
Been a vegan for over 3 years

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