XTERRA Worlds Athlete Profile: Jen Razee

Name: Jen Razee

Division: W 45-49


Where do you live?  Edwards, CO
Have you raced at the  XTERRA World Championship before? yes – the old Makena Course once, and the Kapalua course 3 times previously
What aspect of the XTERRA World Championship are you most excited or least excited about?   Hoping the weather allows us to test our fitness on the day.

What are your expectations or hopes for your race at Worlds? I’d like to swim with confidence in the ocean, manage the conditions on race day, and keep racing hard until the finish.  Hoping to be in the mix for an AG podium.
Please share one of your favorite memories or stories about XTERRA.  All of the trips with the Vail Travel Team are memorable, but I will never forget Doug Day seeing a mountain lion on the way to drop our gear at T2 last month in Ogden.  He was so pumped, and screaming about seeing his, “Spirit animal” at 7 in the morning.  The van crew all had great races, so maybe it set the tone for us channeling our spirit animal!
So you like to ride your bike, are there other childish habits do you have yet to grow out of? I love everything Star Wars.  I have a Yoda hitch mount cover, Yoda door mat, and my phone cover is Han Solo in carbonite.  


Anything else you would like to add?  Thanks for all the amazing coaching over the years to keep earning the opportunity to race at the big events.  I love the people I’ve met through triathlon and camaraderie of training and racing with my friends.  

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