Peter Dann Xterra World Championship Athlete Profile



Name: Peter Dann

Division: 60 to 65


Where do you live? Eagle, Colorado


Is this your first year competing at Worlds? This will be my second time. First time was in 2010. What do you most look forward? The competition and the ocean swim.


What is your favorite aspect of Xterra? Race atmosphere is great and the terrain challenges that you encounter, no two races alike.


How did you get into Xterra or triathlon in general? Started out as a runner then incorporated Mt. biking into my workout way…back when Mt. bikes were first introduced.


What challenges did you have to overcome in order to qualify for Worlds, or what do you contribute your success to this year? In my age group it’s about staying injury free so you can continue to work that next level. It can become a time suck so you really have to be organized with your schedule, family, job and workouts.


What is your favorite discipline and why? I like all three and wouldn’t call out a favorite. I really need variety in my workouts so Xterra really meets those needs.


What is your favorite piece of triathlon/Xterra equipment? My bike, when its totally dialed it can make for a great day.


What is one piece of advice you would give other off road triathletes trying to qualify for Worlds in the future or to those participating in Worlds for the first time? You need a plan and the confidence that you can meet the goals you have set up for yourself. Balancing your time as you train through the year to meet that goal is critical. Tri racing can be a pretty selfish endeavor so realize it and make time for those who are supporting YOUR goal.


Who do you need to give a special shout out to for making this season successful? Three people; of course my coach, Josiah. He is great at understanding what you are capable of and dialing in a program specific for you. My chiropractor, Tom Palic, keeping all the parts firing as they should be and helping me through the nicks and dings that come with all the fun. And finally my massage therapist, Audrey, owner of the Higher Elevation School in Eagle.


What are your expectations at Worlds? On the podium would be nice.


If you had to choose one song to get stuck in your head for the entire race, what would it be? Jingle Bells? I hope not


What is your favorite activity outside of training? Skiing


After the season is over what do you most look forward to doing that you were not able to do leading up to Hawaii?

A little more freedom with what I eat and drink.


What is one thing that you think others might be surprised to know about you? I’ve spent a month at 400’ underwater living in a chamber and working off the Mississippi delta setting an oil rig. 


Anything else you would like to add? We started racing because it was fun, so keep it that way.


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