Debby Sullivan Xterra World Championship Athlete Profile

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Name: Debby Sullivan



Where do you live? Rocklin, CA


Is this your first year competing at Worlds? What do you most look forward? Nope, this will be my 5th time.  I look forward to the relaxed pace leading up to the race, time to soak in the season and of course racing it out!!


How did you get into Xterra or triathlon in general? Well, My husband got to do some adventure races with him and I realized I really enjoyed mulit sport and we also found I was the competitive one of our team. I was intrigued by triathlon but did not ride/have a road bike. Then  I found out about Off-road. I did one and was hooked and was excited to give a season a go and try and go to Nationals and such. I entered my first race of season 2008 and found out I was pregnant 2 days later. So, I actually got started the following year in 2009 with baby in tow.


What challenges did you have to overcome in order to qualify for Worlds, or what do you contribute your success to this year? Haha I became a pro  j/k


What is your favorite discipline and why? Mtn biking! My background is more in the biking. I love going fast and feeling the flow of the trail and the wind. It’s my freedom and joy.


What is your least favorite discipline and why? Run. It’s my Achilles heel during a race.


What is your favorite piece of triathlon/Xterra equipment?  My bike! I have a Liv Lust. She’s so pretty and awesome.


What is one piece of advice you would give other off road triathletes trying to qualify for Worlds in the future or to those participating in Worlds for the first time? Enjoy the process. Embrace the Experience, and “Be Hardy”.


Who do you need to give a special shout out to for making this season successful? Always my family. They are the ones that put up with it all and are my number one supporters and that makes it possible.


If you had to choose one song to get stuck in your head for the entire race, what would it be? Fight Song by Rachel Platten 


What is your favorite activity outside of training? Huh…  haha.  Probably going on adventures with my family. Camping, hiking, kayaking, etc.


After the season is over what do you most look forward to doing that you were not able to do leading up to Hawaii? Having a relaxing latte with a friend. More fun Mtb rides with my daughter (She gets total stoke face). Baking and catching up on a good show on the couch.  Donuts.


What is one thing that you think others might be surprised to know about you? Maybe, that I have never done a road triathlon and didn’t even have a road bike until about 1.5 years ago. Or I was a competitive Alpine ski racer growing up and used to race with Lindsey Vonn in our younger days.




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