Benny Smith Heads to XTERRA Worlds

Name: Benny Smith
Division: Pro
Where do you live?
I dwell in a cave near Aspen CO

Have you raced at the  XTERRA World Championship before?


What aspect of the XTERRA World Championship are you most excited or least excited about?

I can’t choose. They’re all pretty gnarly.

What are your expectations or hopes for your race at Worlds?

I’m trying to not get dead last in the pro race. Big goals.

Please share one of your favorite memories or stories from XTERRA.

I love seeing deadly waves breaking on dry reef the days before the world championships. It really calms my nerves.

1.  Describe your unathletic background:
I got an A+ one time on a math test my freshman year.
I love learning about every day relevant things such as the Pythagorean’s theorem.
2.  Do you like racing XTERRAs or are you just not good at anything else?
Swimming : 3/10. Cycling : 6/10. Running : 6/10.
3.  Your heart rate and power zones are very individual.  Is that a proper topic of conversation with someone you just met?
The VERY first thing I do when I meet anybody is give them the list of my paces, power zones, and prs. That’s the cool thing to do and I’m cool man.
4. Do you like wearing spandex, or is it just a necessary evil?
I love to show off my pipe cleaner arms at all times.
5.  So you like to ride your bike, what other childish habits do you have yet to grow out of?
Dreaming Big
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