Rife Hilgartner Xterra World Championship Profile



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Name: Rife Hilgartner

Division: 45-49

Where do you live? Vail, CO 

Is this your first year competing at Worlds? What do you most look forward? This is my 8th year and I look forward to swimming in the blue ocean of DT Fleming beach

What is your favorite aspect of Xterra?  The laid back attitude of the whole scene.

How did you get into Xterra or triathlon in general? Friend challenged me to rave Xterra Crested Butte– spread like fire after that.

What challenges did you have to overcome in order to qualify for Worlds, or what do you contribute your success to this year?

 I simply had to get myself to a championship race!

What is your favorite discipline and why? The mountain bike as I love the feeling of passing someone and really dropping them.

What is your least favorite discipline and why?  The swim is a challenge, but I dont have a least favorite.

What is your favorite piece of triathlon/Xterra equipment?  My mountain bike.

What is one piece of advice you would give other off road triathletes trying to qualify for Worlds in the future or to those participating in Worlds for the first time?  Hire me to guide you, or maybe the Middaugh bros!

Who do you need to give a special shout out to for making this season successful?  All the girls in my life, Cheri, Quinn and Annie.  Their support and cheering is so uplifting.

What are your expectations at Worlds?  I expect to show up and use my god given heart and go as hard as possible.

If you had to choose one song to get stuck in your head for the entire race, what would it be?  Release by Pearl Jam

What is your favorite activity outside of training?  Traveling to visit new places.

After the season is over what do you most look forward to doing that you were not able to do leading up to Hawaii?  Hang with my little girls and not leave early in the morning to go train.  At least through November.

What is one thing that you think others might be surprised to know about you? That some of my favorite movies are chick-flicks.

Anything else you would like to add?  Enjoy the race as we are lucky to get to participate in such an amazingly hard race.


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