XTERRA Worlds Athlete Profile: Katie Button

Name: Katie Button

Division: PRO F

Where do you live?  Sechelt, BC, Canada

Have you raced at the  XTERRA World Championship before? yes I think 4 times now

What aspect of the XTERRA World Championship are you most excited or least excited about?

Most – the warmth and sun, especially coming from Canada in October

Least – the warmth and sun, especially coming from Canada in October

What are your expectations or hopes for your race at Worlds?

My hopes are to have a season best performance/effort. I felt like I had record low levels of motivation and commitment to my training over the winter/spring – but somewhat accidentally/somewhat intentionally its set me up to feel my best right now!


Please share one of your favorite memories or stories about XTERRA.

Not specifically – but realizing I won’t have any of my Canadian gf’s joining me in Maui this year and that I’ve missed them so much the past few seasons – my favourite memories of travelling and racing are less about what we accomplished and more about what we got to do together. Will be thinking about the awesome Canadian women who crushed it at Xterra and feeling so lucky we got to be good friends – Mel, Danelle, Brandi, Chantell, CJ, Katherine, Brittany ❤

So you like to ride your bike, are there other childish habits do you have yet to grow out of?

I take off my socks in random spots around the house and usually just leave them there. Probably more so now since I’ve moved in with my bf and (1) have more square footage to explore (2) know it annoys him 😂

 Anything else you would like to add?

How has your training plan prepared you for the challenges in Maui or what have you been focusing on in your training to crush it ?


I feel like I’m able to be fairly consistent all year (as long as I actually follow my training plan ha!) while still balancing my work schedule. I almost always feel like we’re juggling the right amount of volume and intensity and for me that helps avoid mental and physical set backs. Then past few months I’ve been able to narrow my focus on Maui specific training, so I’m feeling good that I’ve been able to train on the edge of my limits and be as ready as I can be for the challenges at the end of the season!

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