Here is a closer look at an old but new, alternative interval workout that satisfies many of the criteria for improving endurance performance and has been scientifically proven effective over and over again for the past 20 years (and in practice for decades before).  This workout...

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Interesting vs. Effective

Too often athletes and coaches try to make workouts interesting at the expense of effectiveness.  Roughly 80% of training should be sustained low to moderate intensity, so these workouts don’t need to be dressed up with all sorts of variation in intensity.  For the other...

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Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever

Right now, many athletes are taking stock of their current fitness and coming up with a plan to prepare for the 2019 season. This often means setting goals which is a topic we have covered numerous times in the past. Maybe you have kept up...

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Growth Mindset

In the past few years I have given several talks about the importance of failure as a vital component of success.  My story of becoming XTERRA World Champion at age 37 on my 15th try was not a direct line of achievement but a series...

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Stay in Your Lane

To the athletes we coach, Yaro and I talk a lot about the importance of dialing in the proper intensity. Ultimately, the goal is to deliver the right kind of training load to stimulate improvement but when we review athlete workouts, too often we see...

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You Are What You Repeatedly Do

With the Pan American Championships less than two weeks away and the World Championships rapidly approaching in less than two months many athletes are hoping to have their best race. They are looking at their training and performances to this point and deciding what it...

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