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VO2 Max Intervals

In our last article we discussed performing threshold intervals. These are performed at the intensity you can sustain for 40-60 minutes. Typically these intervals are between 6-12 minutes in duration with a recovery that equals about 50% of the interval with a total of 40-60...

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The Importance of Threshold Training

The most important XTERRA races on my calendar every year are the big mountain courses with significant elevation gain on both the bike and run. XTERRA Beaver Creek, the XTERRA Pan American Championship in Ogden, and the XTERRA World Championship in Maui all fit this...

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Staying Hydrated in Different Environments

Your body works extremely hard to be at homeostasis or a stable body temperature in all conditions. We perform best when a relatively stable core temperature is maintained. Any drop or rise in core temperature causes a physical reaction in the body to counteract that...

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Is Sitting the New Smoking?

As triathletes few of us pay attention to physical activity guidelines and assume that risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle don’t apply to us. We blow those exercise recommendations out of the water, so does it matter if we sit in chairs the rest of...

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No Time Like the Present

Triathletes are always looking for top secret training that will help them get fast and fit quickly. As soon as the new year hits we start to plan out their season and our training. We often set lofty goals. However, we’ve all felt the panic...

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Pedaling Cadence

This time of year, many triathletes are cycling indoors. The monotony of being fixed in one place lends itself well to paying closer attention to your cadence. It is also much easier to manipulate on a trainer. Elite cyclists have lead many to believe that...

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