Championship Season

 August and September often mark the point in the season where athletes are starting to gear up for their most important race or races of the season   These “championship” races are often the ones you have been planning for all season using the first half of...

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Grit is that deep-seated drive to persevere despite obstacles, however long or difficult the road.   Like most other character traits, grit is not something you are born with, but something you develop through life experience.  More specifically it is a trait that can only be forged...

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Introduction to Distance Running Technique

  In this piece, they share six key distance running techniques: Stride Rate Despite the running speed, stride rate should stay within a narrow range. At race pace, cadence should be at or above 180 steps per minute, or 90 revolutions per minute (counting one leg).  Suunto uses...

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Avoiding the Summer Slump

We often see athletes that go into the spring super fit after a long winter of consistent training. They often don’t feel ready for that first race but end up doing well and are super excited about the rest of the season, only to end...

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Prepping for Early Season Races

By now, hopefully you’ve gotten in some quality training and reached some winter training goals. Your race schedule should be pretty much nailed down and perhaps you’ve even gotten in a race or two or maybe your first race is coming up quick. It takes...

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Pedal Stroke Efficiency

The bicycle is an incredibly efficient machine, arguably the most efficient way for a person to move on land.  According to Bill Nye (The Science Guy) ...

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Here is a closer look at an old but new, alternative interval workout that satisfies many of the criteria for improving endurance performance and has been scientifically proven effective over and over again for the past 20 years (and in practice for decades before).  This workout...

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Training Habits Determine Race Day Success

How you deal with adversity in your training will set you up with the coping skills to get through adversity during race week and on race day.  You never go into a race or workout completely fresh and you shouldn’t expect to. Yes, you will...

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