No Time Like the Present

Triathletes are always looking for top secret training that will help them get fast and fit quickly. As soon as the new year hits we start to plan out their season and our training. We often set lofty goals. However, we’ve all felt the panic...

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Pedaling Cadence

This time of year, many triathletes are cycling indoors. The monotony of being fixed in one place lends itself well to paying closer attention to your cadence. It is also much easier to manipulate on a trainer. Elite cyclists have lead many to believe that...

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Goal Setting for 2018

Goal Setting Goal setting is the process of identifying something that you want to accomplish and establishing measurable goals and timeframes. Setting goals is done to give you direction, focus and hopefully motivation to stay on the path to eventual success. This typically happens with each...

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Don’t Act Your Age

My diet used to be simple; I was only allowed to eat until it hurt once per week. You know, the meal where you end up on the floor with your belt buckle undone moaning in pain. That was my diet. When the holidays hit,...

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josiah splitting wood

Chopping Wood

When I was a kid, I wanted to be strong like my dad and older brother.  Our backwoods house was 100% heated with wood, logged from our own property, and we needed about 25 face cords of wood to get us through the long winters.  Then in...

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Responding to Failure

  “Failure is not the opposite of success, rather a vital component.”    How do you respond when you come up short of your goal?  Failure can be an incredible motivator, a reality check, a kick in the pants.  A race is an indication of your fitness level,...

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Fit For Travel

Traveling can wreak havoc on your training. Whether it’s business trips or family vacations, we all have busy lives. It’s so easy to go into these trips with good intentions only to return feeling like you’ve lost your fitness, gained five pounds, and now you...

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Rest, Evaluate, and Get Back to Work

 At this point in your racing season you have probably completed nearly half of your season’s races. Hopefully, you are right on track to reach your goals and crush your “A” race in a month or two. The physical and mental strain of consistent training...

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Nutrition for High Intensity Exercise

What athletes eat/drink before a race can vary widely, but there is more agreement regarding what to take in during exercise.  Especially if we are talking about sustained high intensity exercise, such as what you experience during an XTERRA race.  During high intensity exercise your...

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