Fit For Travel

Traveling can wreak havoc on your training. Whether it’s business trips or family vacations, we all have busy lives. It’s so easy to go into these trips with good intentions only to return feeling like you’ve lost your fitness, gained five pounds, and now you...

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Rest, Evaluate, and Get Back to Work

 At this point in your racing season you have probably completed nearly half of your season’s races. Hopefully, you are right on track to reach your goals and crush your “A” race in a month or two. The physical and mental strain of consistent training...

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Nutrition for High Intensity Exercise

What athletes eat/drink before a race can vary widely, but there is more agreement regarding what to take in during exercise.  Especially if we are talking about sustained high intensity exercise, such as what you experience during an XTERRA race.  During high intensity exercise your...

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Race Morning Nutrition

If you ask 10 athletes about their pre-race meal you will probably get 10 different answers. Often pre-race nutrition depends almost entirely on the continental breakfast of the hotel they stayed in the night before the race. This meal can make or break your race,...

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How Much Racing is Too Much?

  A carefully planned race schedule should develop you as an athlete with valuable race experience, help guide your training, and serve as stepping stones to peak performance.   Racing Frequency Races planned too frequently leave little room for quality training between races and can erode some components of...

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The Intangibles

 “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts” We often talk about training metrics and how to use them to guide your training.  They can help define training targets, gauge progress, and give you confidence heading into races.  However,...

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Swimming Part III: Open Water

You’ve mastered the breathing techniques and body positioning required for freestyle swimming and your swimming times are dropping in the pool, but you just hopped in your first race and swam the same pace or slower than you did last year. Anyone who has been...

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Tips for Pacing your Next XTERRA

Pacing an XTERRA race can be a tough nut to crack.  It’s not uncommon for athletes to finish a race disappointed because they thought they could hold a faster pace or more power than actually panned out on race day. On paper an XTERRA race...

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breathing patterns

Breathing Patterns During the Swim

Breathing is problematic in swimming freestyle.  The primary issue is that breathing is dependent on your stroke rate and the type of breathing pattern you adopt.  The most streamlined position has your head in alignment with the rest of your spine, the water line hitting...

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