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Many of the qualities that Josiah and Yaro have as endurance athletes and their enthusiasm for the outdoors was forged years ago during their organic upbringing. They often refer to their family homestead as the Middaugh training camp because they built nearly every conceivable sporting field on the property, and they could be seen running or cycling all over Northern Michigan. Yaro was always stronger and faster, which served him well in both team sports and track and field, whereas Josiah gravitated to and excelled in distance events. Now they both pursue endurance sports with similar goals but different strengths and weaknesses. Working together has allowed them to share ideas on athletes and training methods. As coaches they have experience working with all types of endurance athletes. They have worked with triathletes, runners, cyclists, adventure racers, and general fitness athletes from the novice to professional. They specialize in block periodization which allows for many peaks throughout the year, and is much more realistic for athletes with many races throughout the year.


All of their coaching is done online through Training Peaks. Training Peaks is a useful tool allowing coaches to keep open communication with athletes. Daily e-mails direct athletes on their next workout and Josiah and Yaro receive e-mails whenever a workout is entered in the training log. The monthly coaching fee includes the Training Peaks subscription and contact via phone and e-mail. Additional services are also available such as video analysis and one-on-one training sessions.


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